C-Tech manufactures C-T Sailbattens, carbon fiber sail battens for high-performance yachts  

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Delivery/ Shipping
C-T Sailbattens can be supplied by airfreight or seafreight

C-T Sailbatten shipments are delivered around the world every week. The freight companies we work with are commited to supplying the best possible service at the lowest possible price.

 Maximum Batten Length
C-T Sailbattens are manufactured to the maximum possible length. This avoids the need for joins, thereby minimising the potential for weak spots in battens.

  • CT22 Battens - maximum length 6.3m
  • CT33, CT33S, CT36S Battens - maximum length 8.2m

Battens supplied in 2 or more pieces have pre-fitted joins for delivery by airfreight. For delivery by seafreight battens can be supplied with in one piece (i.e. already joined) up to 12m.

Batten joins must be fixed with an epoxy glue when assembled. Click here for more information on batten assembly.

Diagram showing pre-fitted joins as supplied from the factory

 Airfreight Delivery
Two airlines handle package lengths of over 6.0m out of New Zealand: Singapore Airfreight and CargoLux. Both companies fly into major airports around the world. Delivery continues by truck to the final destination. Packages under 6.0m can generally be handled on normal commercial airlines flying into most destinations around the world.

Cost: Packages under 6.0m are charged out by volume (rather than actual weight). Standard freight charges apply as these shorter packages can be handled on normal commerical flights.

Airfreight delivery costs for shipments over 6.0m are charged out, not by weight or by volume, but by the number of cargo pallets the package extends over. Unfortunately this makes airfreight much more expensive than seafreight. However shorter transit times and last-minute decisions on hardware and accessories make airfreight the preferred delivery option.

Transit Times : Airfreight delivery times from New Zealand generally take between 7 - 14 days.

 Seafreight Delivery
Battens supplied by seafreight can be supplied in 1 piece to a maximum length of 12m (if shipped in a 40ft container).

Cost: Seafreight delivery costs are much lower than airfreight, as batten shipments always fall below the minimum chargeable volume (1 cubic metre). However seafreight transit times are much longer so battens have to be ordered well in advance of the date they are required.

Transit Times : Seafreight delivery times from New Zealand are approximately:
- 6-8 weeks to Europe
- 4-6 weeks to United States
- 1 week to Australia
To check the status of a DHL shipment you will need your DHL Airway Bill number. Click here to trace the shipment.
To check the status of a FedEx shipment you will need the FedEx Airway Bill number. Click here to trace the shipment.
The main freight service for over-length cargo out of NZ is: Singapore Airlines (SIA).
To track a shipment on any other airline you will need the MAWB number (in the format xxx-xxxxxxxx). Click here to trace the shipment.