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C-T Plate Battens - new product (2012)
C-Tech is proud to annouce the release of their new solid composite sail battens. After rigourous testing in boats from 12ft to 50ft we are confident C-T Plate Battens represent the quality and reliability of the whole C-T Sailbattens range. Visit the CTP page for more information.

 Volvo Ocean Race (2012-12)
All teams in the 2011-12 Volvo Ocean Race used C-T Sailbattens. With limited sail wardrobes offshore CT33S batten sets were selected by all teams, along with a range of receptacles and tensioners.

CT22s for Global Ocean Race (2011)
C-T Sailbattens is now part of the Global Ocean Race 2011 - 2012 Race partner group. Working closely with the GOR teams and customising CT22s, C-T Sailbattens will supply s-glass/pre preg battens for the round the world Class 40 fleet.

 Longest Batten (2010)
Our longest batten to date (23.3m) left the factory in November 2010. C-T Sailbattens manufactured custom CT40 sail battens for the 66m Dubois sloop "Aglaia", built at Vitters in the Netherlands. The CT40 sail battens were manufactured using a combination of carbon fibre and S-glass, with a spectra braided cover. The 23.3m battem has a join in the middle for ease of transport and use.

BMW Oracle's reply to Alinghi - C-T Sailbattens (2010) Mark Turner, the shore team manager for BMW Oracle, winners of the 33rd America's Cup, quoted in an affidavit before the event "Battens: If we had the option, we would have ordered battens from C-Tech in New Zealand. Due to the extended America's Cup experience this company has, its products would have provided us with exactly what we needed without a lot of time and effort from our team"

Superyacht Cup Antigua - Top 3 race winners (2010)
The top 3 race winners in the 2010 Superyacht Cup Antigua all sailed with C-T Sailbattens onboard. Congratulations to Visione who placed first, Sojana second (despite not being able to hoist any mizzen sails) and Ranger third. All 3 yachts raced with carbon / s-glass CT36S Superyacht battens.

Sydney Hobart - line honours 5 years running (2010)
Alfa Romeo took line honours in the 65th Sydney Hobart race. C-T Sailbattens were once again onboard the top 3 race winning yachts, now for the 5th year running.
1 - Alfa Romeo
2 - Wild Oats XI
3 - ICAP Leopard

 New Product - C-T SnuffAir (2009)
C-Tech introduced an exciting new product in 2009 'C-T SnuffAir' an inflatable spinnaker retrieval system. C-T SnuffAir won the 2010 Pittman Innovation Award in the cruising category. See our C-T SnuffAir news page for more info or visit the C-T SnuffAir website.

 SY Adèle: 100,000nm - no broken battens (2009)
The Andre Hoek designed 180ft ketch Adèle passed the 100,000 nautical mile mark without a single broken C-T Sailbatten. Manufactured in 2004 the CT36S carbon / s-glass battens have given Adèle’s crew 6 years of maintenance free sailing.

Adèle combines the classic lines of a 20th century J-class with a contemporary rig. Her sail area is an outstanding 1,5550m2. Check out Adele's voyage around the world, including a trip to Antartica, at www.syadele.com.

 Sea Dubai RC44 Gold Cup - the final battle (2009)
The last regatta of the RC44 Championship Tour 2009 took part in Dubai and saw 10 teams fighting hard to maintain or better their ranking. Most of the teams raced with CT22 carbon/s-glass sail battens, CCLR luff receptacles and RSLT leech tensioners.

The 2009 tour was the toughest to date with 3 times America's Cup winner Russell Coutts competing against Team New Zealand's helmsman Dean Barker. Visit www.rc44.com for more information.

 Maxi Banque Populaire V Break 2 Records (2009)
Congratulations to both Groupama and Banque Populaire who had a record breaking weekend in August crossing the Atlantic. Both yachts sailed with full sets of pure carbon mainsail battens, the stiffest C-T Sailbattens ever made. The bottom batten on Banque Populaire V is 12.8m in length.

In the space of 10 hrs the maxi-trimaran Banque Populaire V beat the world record for distance covered in 24hrs 8 times, then continued to set a new record for crossing the North Atlantic.

The two Maxi Trimarans, Groupama and MBPV raced in a duel across the Atlantic. Groupama was first to break the 800 mile limit for the 24hr record with a record of 841m. This achievement was quickly superseded by MBPV with a record of 907m.

Following this remarkable success MBPV then continued to break the Trans-Atlantic record held by Groupama in 2007. MBPV beat Groupama's record by 12 1/2 hours and smashed the 4-day barrier by completing the crossing from New York to Lizard Point in 3 days, 15 hours, 25 minutes. Over the 2,921 mile distance MBPV averaged a speed of 32.94 knots, peaking at an incredible 47.15 knots.

 Wild Oats XI wins Sydney Hobart (2008)
Wild Oats XI takes out 2008 line honours in the Sydney Hobart, becoming the first yacht to win the race 4 years in a row. And for the 4th year running the top 3 place-getters used C-T Sailbattens:
1 - Wild Oats XI (01:20:34:14 14.1)
2 - Skandia (01:21:41:17 13.8)
3 - Ichi Ban (01:22:28:10 13.5)

 Volvo Ocean Race (2008-09)
All teams in the 2008-09 Volvo Ocean Race used C-T Sailbattens. Inshore (CT33) and offshore (CT33S) batten sets were selected, along with a range of receptacles and tensioners. Visit Sail-World.com for more information.

 America's Cup Success (June 2007)
On July 3rd, 2007, Alinghi captured the 32nd America’s Cup, defeating Emirates Team New Zealand 5-2. By winning the 32nd America's Cup, Alinghi has changed what seemed to have become a tradition: that the winner of race three goes on to win the match. Emirates Team New Zealand, despite winning the third heat, was not able to capture the Cup.

Eleven challengers from nine countries took part in the Louis Vuitton build-up to the America's Cup. C-T Sailbattens is proud to have supplied all 11 Challengers, as well as the Defender, Alinghi.

 Wild Oats XI wins Sydney Hobart (2007)
Wild Oats XI takes out 2007 line honours in the Sydney Hobart, becoming the first yacht to win the race 3 years in a row. And for the 3rd year running the top 3 place-getters used C-T Sailbattens:
1 - Wild Oats XI (01:21:24:32 13.8)
2 - City Index Leopard (01:21:51:55 13.7)
3 - Ichi Ban (02:05:01:21 11.8).

 Volvo Ocean Race (2005-06)
All 6 yachts competing in the 2005-06 Volvo Ocean Race used C-T Sailbattens. Each yacht had different batten sets customised to match their sail shape and sailing requirements. Most teams chose to use sets of CT33 full-carbon battens for inshore races and full sets of CT33S s-glass/carbon battens for the Southern Ocean leg. Mixed sets of CT33S (battens #1-#3) and CT33 (battens #4-#6) were also used for durability in the remaining offshore legs of the race.

 C-T Non-Adjustable Luff Receptacles (1 January 2005)
C-Tech has been trialling a new batten receptacle specifically design for CT's rectangular batten profile. Nicorette provided a rugged test for the new Non-adjusting Acetal Luff Receptacles (NALR) when she won the 2004 Sydney to Horbart. The two ABN AMRO Volvo 70s also used the new C-T batten boxes in the Volvo Ocean Race 2005. For further details on the NALR click here.

 Vendee Globe (2004)
C-T Sailbattens were used by the top 4 placed yachts in the 2004 Vendee Globe single-handed round-the world race:
1. Vincent Riou (PRB)
2. Jean Le Cam (Bonduelle)
3. Mike Golding (Ecover)
4. Dominique Wavre (Temenos)

Jean-Pierre Dick in Virbac-Paprec finished 6th. Unfortunately 2 other competitors using C-T Sailbattens, Roland Jourdain (Sill Veolia) and Alex Thomson (Hugo Boss) had to abandon racing after experiencing major structural damage to their yachts.


Recently launched Superyachts that we've supplied:
- Kokomo III (192ft Dubois, Doyle Sails NZ)
- Salperton IV (147ft Dubois, North Sails NZ)
- Liara II (104ft Dixon, Quantum NZ)
- Red Dragon (169ft Dubois, Doyle Sails NZ)
- Valquest (134ft Dubois, North Sails DK)
- Y3K (100ft Wally, North Sails DK)
- Indio (101ft Wally, Doyle Sails NZ)
- Nadejda (72ft Shipman, North Sails UK)

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