C-Tech manufactures C-T Sailbattens, carbon fiber sail battens for high-performance yachts  

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About C-T Sailbattens
The products and the company behind them
C-T Sailbattens are manufactured in Auckland, New Zealand using technology originally developed for the 2003 America’s Cup. The company behind C-T Sailbattens is C-Tech Ltd.

Development - America's Cup 2003
The first C-T Sailbatten was built at the end of 2001 and trialled by Team New Zealand. An agreement restricted supply to just 3 syndicates competing for the 2003 America's Cup: Alinghi, Team New Zealand and Victory Challenge. This agreement allowed product development to continue while ensuring excellent standards of quality and supply were maintained.

Syndicates using C-T Sailbattens found them to be stronger, lighter and more durable than any other battens tested previously in the America's Cup environment.
With your battens our latest mainsail has a great shape through the entire wind range. It has been a big advantage to us and I am happy to have had the opportunity to use C-T Sailbattens in the Victory Challenge sail program.
Andrew Lechte - Sail Co-ordinator, Victory Challenge
Building the market
By increasing laminate thickness and hoop strength America's Cup battens became a viable, light-weight alternative for use on Superyachts. C-Tech was able to supply sail battens to at least 8 of the superyachts visiting for the 2003 Millenium Cup and the export market was born. Yachts over 30m (98ft) now make up over 50% of C-T Sailbatten orders (excluding America's Cup).

Fraser Brown, acting as European agent for C-T Sailbattens, introduced the product to the ORMA 60 and Open 60 market. Light-weight and durable, C-T Sailbattens quickly became the product of choice for offshore racers.

Increased product range
To complement the big-boat battens a range of smaller battens was introduced in 2004. CT22 battens are designed for yachts between 35ft and 60ft. The CTP solid plate battens, developed in 2010, completes the C-T Sailbatten range by providing solutions for dinghies and skiffs from 12ft through to mainsail and jib battens for yachts up to 90ft.

C-Tech Ltd
C-Tech currently has 30 staff and operates out of premises in Rosebank Road, Auckland. In addition to carbon fiber sail battens C-Tech provides high-quality composite components for the marine industry, such as:
  • carbon fiber masts for skiffs, high-performance dinghies, sports boats
  • carbon fiber prods and spinnaker poles
  • carbon fiber tube (round, square and rectangular profiles)
  • made-to-order composite components
C-Tech Ltd is a member of the NZ Marine Export Group, MIA (Marine Industry Association) and the Auckland Chamber of Commerce.
Visit C-Tech Ltd at www.c-tech.co.nz.